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You might not realize it, but one of the most powerful pieces of branding and advertising you own is your own vehicle, including any company vehicles like the trucks, delivery vans, and cars you and your employees use in your business every day. With vehicle lettering and graphics from Reaford Signs in Charleston, WV, you can turn any vehicle into a moving billboard that new customers will see whenever you or one of your company vehicles drives down the road.

Vehicle Graphics and Lettering Gets Your Business Noticed

Ready to turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement? Vehicle lettering and graphics have the potential to make thousands of impressions each and every day, thanks to their exposure. Plus, it’s hard not to see vehicle graphics! Put your business’ name, logo, slogan, address or any other text and image on your vehicle and turn it into a piece of mobile advertising instantly.

There’s no limit to the vehicles you can use to promote your brand and advertise your business. At Reaford Signs, we can design and apply lettering and graphics to any and all of your company vehicles including:

  • Company Cars
  • Delivery Vans and Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Your Personal Cars
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Tow Trucks
  • And more

You can even have vehicle lettering and vehicle graphics applied to any employees’ vehicles who want to participate! Plus there are a number of benefits to advertising your business on your own vehicles such as:

  • Customer recognition: For example, if you’re a plumber or other type of contractor when your workers show up to a job, your customers always know it’s you because all your vehicles have your company business name, logo, and phone number on them.
  • Increased Visibility over Billboards: A billboard doesn’t move, but vehicles do. When you have graphics and lettering added to your vehicles, more potential customers learn about your services everytime they see one of your vehicles on the highway or street.
  • Increased ROI and Savings: Billboards are expensive. You must pay for the images and text themselves, the installation of the billboard and rent billboard space as well. However, vehicle lettering and vehicle graphics are one-time only expenses and when you own the vehicles, there’s no rental cost on top of the signage.

With so many reasons to add your logo and business information to all your vehicles, you can’t afford to not invest in vehicle lettering and graphics! We can help.

Whether you need a single vehicle or an entire fleet outfitted with graphics and lettering, count on the dedicated sign professionals at Reaford Signs in Charleston, WV. Call us at 304-345-7446 today to get started.

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