Sign Restoration in Charleston, WV

After many years of standing in representation of your business, a sign becomes part of your brand identity—an heirloom that defines you. Before you tear down an old sign or replace it with something newer, consider sign restoration services in Charleston, WV! Reaford Signs, Inc. will help you breathe new life into your old sign, so it continues to stand as a testament to your business for years to come.

Vintage Signage

vintage sign

Some vintage signage is actually valuable and represents a specific piece of American history or cultural significance. If you’re in possession of a piece that has definitive value, contact us about vintage sign restoration in Charleston, WV. No matter if you’re the original owner or you dug it up at an antique sale, we’ll make sure it’s restored to its former glory in a way that preserves its authenticity and accentuates its originality.

Historic Signage

Reaford Signs, Inc. is recognized in the Kanawha Valley for restoring beautiful vintage signage in our historical downtown area. We take great pride in refurbishing and beautifying historical markers and other longstanding attributes throughout the area, so that future generations can enjoy the beauty and knowledge these signs contribute. Our care and attention to detail ensures they look as good today as they did when they were installed so many years ago.

Restoring Any Sign

No two signs are the same in the care and attention they need to be restored. When you choose us to refurbish your vintage, antique or damaged signage, trust that we’ll apply a specialized approach that ensures a total and complete restoration of the highest caliber.

Contact Reaford Signs, Inc. today at 304-345-7446 to inquire about our signage restoration capabilities or to speak with us at length about the type of sign in your possession. Whether it’s one we crafted so many years ago or a piece that you’ve come by elsewhere, we’ll be glad to take it into our care.