Neon Signs and Neon Window Signs in Charleston, WV

Neon signs have a classic appeal that will never go out of style! Neon is synonymous with storefront signage and can be designed in so many different ways that it’s often thought of as its own artistic medium. From simple lettering to logos and unique designs, you can count on Reaford Signs to create a neon sign that you’ll be proud to hang in your window and one your customers will come to know well.

That’s because while LED signage may be bright, there’s nothing like the glow of neon. Plus, neon signs are known to have long lives when they receive the right care and maintenance. There are neon signs as old as 80 years or more that are still in use and one 77-year-old neon window sign was re-discovered behind a wall in California’s Clifton Cafeteria diner women’s restroom, still turned on! That means your business signage could be around for many years to come and might even become a vintage collector’s item.

When it comes to Neon Signage for your business, we do it all!

No matter what type of business you have, or how old your neon sign is, at Reaford Signs, we can help. Our neon sign services here in Charleston, WV include everything from design through to regular maintenance and repair. Take a look at all the things we can do for you when it comes to neon signs and neon window signs:

  • Neon sign design
  • Neon sign fabrication
  • Neon sign restoration
  • Neon sign maintenance
  • Neon sign repair
  • Neon sign installation
  • And more

We also specialize in neon sign restoration and repair.

If you have an old neon sign and you’re worried you might have to replace it with newer technology but just can’t bear to discard it, then look no further than Reaford Signs. We can make your old sign look new again and help ensure it lasts for decades and beyond. Our skilled neon sign artisans will repair and restore your antique neon sign to like-new conditions and help your business shine again.

For neon sign design, fabrication, installation, repair services and more, you can rely on Reaford Signs. Contact us today!
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