Mural Services in Charleston, WV

Why settle for a billboard or other large-format signage when you could turn the entire side of your building into a beautiful piece of advertising art? Through our mural services in Charleston, WV, Reaford Signs, Inc. will turn the wall of your facilities into a gigantic piece of branded advertisement that’s undeniably captivating! Whether you want a more traditional type of message or prefer a beautiful work of art that people will associate with your building, count on us to bring it to life.

Any Size Mural

wall painted

Whether you operate a small building that requires a small mural or have sprawling facilities that will accommodate a mural of epic proportions, we’ll gladly plan within the space confines of your wall. Our artists can adapt ideas or messages to fill any dimensions and our painting contractors in Charleston, WV have experience in translating your concepts from paper to mural regardless of size.

Painting Any Surface

We understand that not every surface is the same and each material requires attention to detail to ensure it’s painted appropriately. Rest assured we’ll apply your mural with mind to the material, so it doesn’t peel away, fade, wash out or deteriorate! A mural from us is one that will stand the test of time. Brick, cinder block or corrugated aluminum, we paint on all surfaces!

Concept and Design

Have an idea in mind for your business’ mural? Need help mulling some design concepts and aesthetics? Have a message, but no idea how to convey it? We’ll be glad to help! Our years of working with large-format signage and creative concepts lend themselves to helping you imagine the best mural—then, we’ll bring the entire thing to life in stunning clarity.

For more information about murals and how you can bring one to life on the side of your building, contact Reaford Signs, Inc. today at 304-345-7446.